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Welcome to Dr Mehta's Hospitals

Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals situated in the heart of Chennai are amongst the leading Multi-Specialty and Super-Specialty Hospitals with over 300 beds that blend modern medical technology with the art of healing. Dr. Mehta’s have been around for the last 75 years, starting from humble roots as Dr Mehta Nursing Home. The Hospitals have since transformed into advanced certified tertiary care medical hospitals.

Dr Mehta’s Multi-Specialty Hospital is a Tier 1 Tertiary Care Hospital located in Chetpet offering complete patient management program across over 60 paediatric and adult medical, surgical and diagnostic specialties and super-specialties. Many leading doctors, surgeons, specialists, super-specialists and medical practitioners practice or consult with us.

Mehta Children Hospital (MCH), located in Chetpet, Chennai provides the leading neonatal and pediatric care amongst the hospitals in South India. MCH has an excellent combination of the top pediatric and neonatal medical and surgical teams coupled with state of the art intensive care and surgical facilities. MCH conducts over 1000 paediatric and neonate surgeries per year.

Mehta Day Care Clinic (MDC), located in T Nagar is a stand-alone medical and surgical day-care center. Combining out-patient consultation and diagnostic facilities for both adult and paediatrics, the center provides day-care surgeries across a range of specialties and super-specialties. MDC has a full fledged dialysis and chemo-therapy center targeted at providing you comfort.

All in all Dr Mehta’s have made the science of medicine into an art form